• How to Buy Online Cover Art?

    If you are a musician, Dj or even a producer, it has been a difficult job to find your preferred cover art to buy and use on your music or album. But don’t worry Coverartland Made this one so easy. What Is Coverartland? Coverartland is an all in one platform for both designers and musicians. …

  • what is cover art

    Cover Art is Different Than Album Covers. Here is Why!

    Cover art is a piece of image of illustration that many people use it on their art works, specially their music. Technically, a cover art is different from an album cover, which will discuss later on. What we are trying to do here is have cover art vs album cover type of cmparison. Cover Art …

  • Buy Cover Art

    What is Best Way to Buy Cover Art?

    Have you ever asked yourself who designed your favorite music’s cover art or your favorite album cover? If you’re a musician you probably familiar with this process but if you are not, then stay with us for a while and learn what us the best way to buy cover art. Why People Buy Cover Art? …

  • album cover

    What is album cover?

    Have you ever asked yourself why musicians and producers place a piece of image on their albums and call it album cover or cover art? To put it simply, album cover is a piece of image that musicians place on their music to make it more beautiful. With this image, their fans and other people …

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