It was Mars, when we started to work on Coverartland. All we had then, was a copy of an idea: making a website for musicians to buy their album cover art.
But the idea got more mature, evolved and became a vision. Back then, we were just two guys, a full-time graphic designer and a translator who also in to design. We built Coverartland and every step forward made us better and better. Our vision was making a website with hundreds of designs, tens of designers in one place. LETS ROCK AND ROLL THE WORLD

Who We Are

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    Navid Siyadat

    A full-time graphic designer, painter, writer, dancer and actor with a vision to make revolution in this industry.
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    Behzad Fallah

    I'm a translator who also likes to be a graphic designer. We started Coverartland with a vision to change to the way you buy album cover art.
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