How To Buy Album Cover From Coverartland

Choose You Cover Art

First step is to choose from our designs. Just head to our products page and choose your cover art. Then just click on ‘add to cart’ button and check out. Remember that adding a product to your cart, required entering your email, music title and artist name, so it is not possible to just buy a cover without entering these information.

Checking Out

After choosing your album cover and adding it to your cart, you should fill a little form and then pay the price with Paypal gateway. As Paypal is a safe and international payment gateway, we assure you there will be no hurdle on the way of your check out. After successfully completing your payment, your will be redirected to Coverartland.

Choose You Cover Art

After the checking out, other things are on us and you should just wait for the designer to contact you. It will take approximately 48 hours. The designer then will contact you (with your provided Email) and sends you a preview of the designs, with your name and the track and your logo on it.

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