Do you also design custom covers and does it cost more?

Yes, we do. You can use the Special Order page to request a custom project. While filling the contact form be sure that to give a comprehensive perspective about your desired design. It would be more helpful if you attach a image of what you have in mind.

It is worth to mention that custom covers cost you more than normal/exclusive covers that you can find on out website. The price for each custom-made cover, starts from 100$ dollars. We will let you know the exact price, when you place an order from Special Order page.

What happens once I buy a design?

Once you buy an exclusive design, you will have all rights of that piece.

What will I receive when finishing my order?

After you purchase, you will receive an Email from us. In that email we will provide you with the various sizes of your cover art. After getting approvalĀ from you, the final design (full size files) will be sent to your entered Email.

Can I change some of my chosen design?

For changing things like fonts, colors, etc. you have to sent us a Special Order.

How about when we have no name for the album/song?

You can request for a blank version of the design. After choosing you album/song’sĀ name, you can sent us a request to fill the names for you. Of course there is no extra charge for that.

Do you have any other products/services?

Here at Coverartwork, we offer design services for Bands and Musicians such as Album Cover artworks, Logo design. Social media banners and much more.

How long does the process take?

After placing your order, we starting to work on your cover art (adding your title,etc.). Usually we will send you the preview within a few hours, but sometimes it can take up to 2 or 4 days. Meanwhile you can follow the process by sending a Follow-up request. Use to know the details of your order(s).

Is there any option to refund?

Gennerally, refund is no possible after you complete your order, because most of Coverartland’s designs are exclusive, so it may damage our reputation. However you can send an Email to Support@coverartland.con for further details.

If you are a vendor on Coverartland, please visit our Vendors FAQ

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